Candlelight Children’s Performances


Candlelight now also performs exciting interactive children’s shows. To view our performances, and to book directly with the venue, please click on this link: Candlelight Kids Performances

Tea with Mr Toad


Toad, Badger, Ratty and Mole are the best of friends but Mr Toad isn’t the best driver, the others have a plan to stop Mr Toad driving his motorcar so badly as he has crashed several times and paid out a fortune in fines.

Also how will the gang save Toad Hall when it comes under threat from a local Weasel? Let’s all find out together in Tea with Mr Toad.

This fun adventure is brought to you by Candlelight and is in the same format as our Christmas show The Elf who lost Santa Claus.

The performance is an interactive adventure that takes elements from the classic story Wind in the Willows.  It features Toad, Ratty, Badger and Mole who will lead the performance.  The performance is designed to last between 90 to 120 minutes depending on size of audience and how interactive they are.  As with our Christmas story we would like to have families around tables for this event as this keeps things clear and allows for them to have refreshments throughout.  In our current climate we make sure that the performers are distanced from the audience but it is very still interactive.  As things ease then we will obviously adapt the performance accordingly. 

The Elf Who Lost Santa Claus


Meet Santa’s elves Sparkles, Bumble and Mistletoe  They have been tasked with arranging an afternoon for a very special group of people to meet Santa.

Unfortunately Mistletoe is just being naughty and not taking his job very seriously, Sparkles is getting annoyed with Mistletoe and Bumble forgot to do something which means Santa may not even make it to meet everyone.  Can you help them to get along and find a way to make sure that Santa makes it to meet everyone? 

Join Candlelight as they present this interactive experience that will leave you feeling Christmassy…that is if we can ever get Santa here!